About Us

Our story begins over two years back when Bikash Pokharel, a tech enthusiast and a youth enabler, realized that hundreds and thousands of talents are not accessible to better employment opportunities in developing countries like Nepal. Furthermore, he also found out from his research that these countries would be rapidly growing in the upcoming years to a decade. Technology would play a significant role in bringing innovation in the employment process and types.

After thorough research for around one year, he found out that about six lakh differently people live in Nepal. Most of them are out of employment opportunities, even having a degree and computer literacy. In addition to this, he also found that only 25% of working-age females are getting job opportunities. Having worked for around five years as a business developer and market researcher in various tech companies and startups, he had already developed a better sense to lean startup.

So, he came up with an idea to develop a digital marketplace that focuses on talents from developing countries and connects them to global digital employment opportunities. After securing the seed funds, he then set up his formal office and dedicated team of seven and started plotting his vision to action.